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Today's Specials

Today is Monday, December 17, 2018
1.  Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken $5.99

Grilled chicken Caesar Salad with Romanine Lettuce , Parmesan Cheese, Caeasar Dressing and Croutons Topped with Tender Grilled Chicken Breast 

2.  Roast Beef $5.50

Served with Lettuce , Tomato and Onion on 7" sub, with fries and a fountian drink

3.  Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap $6.99

with fries and a fountian drink

4.  Turkey with Cheese Sub $5.50

7" sub with fries and a fountian drink

5.  Sausage Parmigiana Sandwich $5.50

Sweet Sausage on 7" sub with Homemade Tomato Sauce topped with Melted Mozzarella, with fries and a fountain drink.